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PFL Visit with MMA Legends Randy Couture and Kenny Florian

Randy Couture Visits Hangar HPC in Cardiff

When PFL Came to Visit and Brought UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture and Elite MMA Competitor and Legend Kenny Florian with them.  A very memorable day for the Hangar HPC Team.  We met and chatted with Pete Murry, Chief Executive of PFL Professional Fighters League which is now the second largest MMA promotion in […]

Start Your Day Right With Early Morning Classes

Early Morning Classes at Hangar HPC

We’ve now got 4 early-morning classes so you can… Start Your Day Right With Early Morning Classes. There’s a 6.30am class combining resistance training, metabolic conditioning, circuits and more – every Monday to Thursday at Hangar HPC. Get your training done and dusted before work, so you can have the best day ahead! If you’re […]