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Our History

Imagine a gym where you can work on your combat skills AND get a killer strength and conditioning workout – all in one place? Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it’s REAL!

It takes an unbeliveable amount of hard work to open a gym, never mind the expenses, but we we did it! Plenty of 3am finishes with work at our day jobs the following day. However, finally, our gym baby was born on 25th June, 2017 – a date that’s extra special to me, ’cause it’s my birthday!

The cherry on top of that opening day was – for the first time in 3-4 years, all my three kids were in the country at the same time, so were at the opening. With jobs that take them to sea and one who lives in Sydney, it was a rare family reunion and only lasted for one day! So after years of planning and months of building, we opened our doors on that day.  We still have loyal and active members who joined o that very first day. Now, that’s gym-family.

Hangar HPC is more than just a gym – our members are our extended family, and we can’t wait to welcome you into it!

2014 Planning Gym

2020 Went into Lockdown

2022 Getting back on our feet

2017 Grand Opening

2021 Survived Lockdowns

2023 10+ British Wrestling Medals achieved in National and International Competitions

Meet Our Founder

Faith Attwell

 As an MMA enthusiast, I’ve trained in numerous makeshift gyms, all started with passion but lacking the sustainability this fast-paced sport demands. This ignited a conversation amongst friends about creating a comprehensive gym, a haven for combat sports athletes, a concept unheard of at the time. That’s how Hangar was born.
The journey of establishing Hangar wasn’t without risks, but I had faith that our hard work would pay off. Friends Matt and Paul were instrumental in the initial stages, contributing ideas, painting, and conducting classes. Matt has since ventured into TV but occasionally drops by to train a client, while Paul remains an integral part of our team.
I took massive financial risks to open this facility.
I risked my time, my relationship, my business and even my home! 
But when you plan with Passion, the hard work pays off. And here we are today.
Our proudest moment was reaching our first anniversary, a testament to our ability not just to survive but to thrive. 
Fast forward six years, Hangar boasts a regular schedule, top-notch coaches, and most importantly, a thriving gym community that exceeds my wildest dreams.
Faith with Randy Couture at Hangar HPC


Dumbbells Zone

Two Full Sets up to 60kg along with plenty of benches.

Barbells Zone

25 Barbells and loads of bumpers, Olympic Plates and Collars for use in either squat racks or platforms.


Functional rig with extra squat racks, wall balls, fat grips,monkey bars and landmines, for all aspects of functional training.


Double matted area with Judo mats for all aspects of Combat Sports training.


Heavy bags area for your open gym training time.
Hangar HPC Cage Area


Competition size and spec cage for fight prep and extra training area.

What They Say About Hangar

Hangar HPC About Page
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Hangar HPC
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Hangar HPC About Page
Hangar HPC Gym Cardiff