If you have any further questions at all, don’t hesitate to come and see us on the front-desk, or drop us a message.

Classes (3)

When you’re a Hangar member, we hope you come as often as you can! There’s no limit.

If you use our phone app, it will be any class which says £0 when you try to book.  Its all classes except Dogs of War, Filipino Martial Arts and Tuesday Shamrock Combat Club all of whom are active fight clubs.

At present we only offer Junior MMA on Mon & Wed at 6pm for an hour, but we are investigating adding more classes.

Pole (5)

No, they are open to anyone. But you need to pay to use them if you are not a member.

Yes. You need to be registered on our system or be logged into the app and you use them at your own risk.

£5.00 per hour.  FREE to members.

No, just turn up to use them. If someone else is, you can all work together.

We have Xpole Professional Competition Poles installed.  Both can be spinning or static and are 45mm width in chrome.

Membership (10)

It’s very easy. We need your cancellation in writing, so either use Live Help, Email or Social Media Messaging to notify us in writing. We require 5 days notice prior to the end of the month.  We do not give refunds.

We’ll be very sorry to see you go but we understand people move away, change jobs etc.  There’s more information about our cancellation policy on this page.

Yes, we have 2 treatment rooms at the Hangar and our self-employed therapists can book you in for a massage.  Speak to either NeilMatt or James all of whom are very experienced in massage and soft tissue therapies and will be able to assist you and book you in.

You get full use of the gym whenever it is open, and all of the classes that The Hangar offers its members.  You also get free access to our courses where applicable or discounted access to certain specialist courses.

You have use our our showers which are for members only.

Also use our free phone app to book into our facilities.

Your phone app will act as a full membership management facility for you and contains your unique membership barcode. However as a small gym, we prefer to sign members in by their name as we prefer a personal approach.

Monthly subscriptions go out on the 1st of the month.

No. There is no joining fee for The Hangar HPC.

Our membership is pay monthly. If you wish to cancel, you are not locked into any contract. You just won’t be billed when next month’s subscription is due.

It makes no difference. You would only be billed pro-rata until the 1st of the month at a rate of approx £1.30 per day.

We prefer debit card.  It is much safer and easier than Standing Order or cash payments, although you can pay by these methods as an alternative.

Our system is automated and will keep trying every few days.  If by the middle of the month it hasn’t gone through, we’ll get in touch to see if you need to contact your bank.

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