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Five a day is old news, you want to aim for ten!

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Kiwi Fruit

We all know we should be eating our five-a-day, but did you realise that five isn’t enough?

For maximum good health, and to guarantee a great balance of micro-nutrients that our body needs, we should aim for at least ten potions of fruit and veg per day.

Pills and potions, no matter how expensive, won’t do.  In scientific studies, pills and potions have not been found to prevent cancer, heart disease or obesity.  We need whole foods that our body can naturally break down and process, to provide the maximum benefit of fibre and nutrients for amazing health.  As you know, good health will transfer into great performance, so make sure you get yours!

If ten seems a lot, it really isn’t. Look how easily you can get your 10 a day:

  • Add some fruit to your morning porridge
  • Add some grilled tomatoes, mushrooms or beans in your savoury breakfasts
  • When you crave something sweet, reach for an easy piece of fruit such as clementine or some grapes for an instant sugar fix
  • If you make a curry, throw in a bag of spinach right at the end of cooking. It will help supply additional nutrients and fibre
  • Any stew, curry, chilli or other saucy dish can be enhanced with a tin or two of beans of your choice
  • Ensure you always eat a colourful plate to get a variety of micronutrients that your body needs
  • Don’t be afraid to use frozen veg and fruit – it is frozen when freshly-picked and will contain all the nutrients of fresh, plus it is very convenient for when you are in a hurry.  Less wastage too!
  • Try new ways of cooking for full health – use the minimum amount of water when you cook or ideally steam your veg, and try not to overcook!

With a small amount of thought, and by ensuring you have


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