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Hangar HPC Personal Trainers Cardiff

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Hangar HPC Personal Trainers Cardiff

Hangar HPC Personal Trainers Cardiff

With a host of great PT’s and Coaches at our gym, Hangar HPC Personal Trainers Cardiff can offer you such a wealth of experience and assistance that you won’t find anywhere else.

Firstly let me say how proud I am of our great team of Personal Trainers here at Hangar HPC.  We have a huge range of experience in the gym, and are sure to have the right trainer for you.

I’m a very busy person, is a PT really for me?

When you’re very busy, this is the perfect time to book a trainer.  You know you need to move more, you know your mind and body needs to train with all the benefits that brings.

But — you’re not actually showing up to train.  Because you’re busy! 

You need accountability.  Book an appointment and you’re a lot more likely to make the time in your schedule to do what’s needed.  And even better, when you arrive you won’t have to plan a workout. Your trainer will have a programme ready for you to follow, that they adapt as you progress.

Progress comes with consistency, so book in and start seeing real results.

How much does Personal Training cost?

Expect to pay between £30-40 per session depending on experience.  Some trainers will offer a monthly fee based on this hourly rate.  Or a block of sessions to suit your needs.

What’s the deal?

Personal Trainers are self-employed individuals who you will deal with directly and are not employed by the gym.

Although we employ some of them for Class Coaching or other kinds of coaching for us, their relationship with their own clients is on a self-employed basis.

Most PT’s will give you a rate based on either a monthly fee, or a price per session based on a block of sessions to get you started.  A monthly fee means your investment in your health becomes a regular occurrence and you will start to notice a difference in the way you’re feeling.

What if I can’t make my session?

Your PT will appreciate that from time to time, you can’t make a session and will work with you to fit you in.

But cancellations are a nightmare for self-employed people.

Just imagine if you went to work today, and your boss tells you, I don’t need you today.

You’ve had a wasted journey.  You’re now not getting paid for the day, and you’ve got up super early, and travelled to work.

That’s exactly how it is for your PT if you don’t show up to your session   Or if you cancel half an hour before the session!

Please be considerate, and ensure you give them 24 hours notice if you’re going to cancel so they can book someone else in.  Or pay for the session if you’re a no-show. Do the right thing!

How do I book?

Pick up the trainer’s business card from Hangar reception, or browse here under Trainers and Coaches, to check if they offer one-to-one training and drop them a message on their phone, saying you found them on the Hangar website.

They’re likely to be in session with a client, so please be patient and they will get back to you within 24 hours.

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