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Hangar Membership Benefits

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Why should you choose The Hangar HPC over other gyms?

No contract, no joining fees

Our membership price is the same to everyone. This means that you don’t get conned into what seems like a great deal, then stuck in a years contract when you’re never using the gym.  This is a much safer and more honest way to do business – and whilst we hope you are keen to keep attending your sessions and classes, we don’t want you to feel stuck either. Our coaches will help and inspire you, and our classes will keep you interested!

Expert coaches

Our coaching team are professionals.  Not only are they qualified personal trainers and coaches, they have competed, they have represented the country and some are even judges of competitions within their sport.  They will coach you according to your goals and all of them carry lots of experience. We have top quality coaches and trainers of a calibre rarely found at other gyms.

We welcome everyone, regardless of levels

We’re asked almost daily, do we accept beginners.  The answer is a definite yes! All our classes welcome beginners, and if you need a bit of extra help, our coaches are there for you.  All our gym members can use the entire facility at The Hangar outside of their class times if they want additional practice.

We have brand new equipment that is effective, and works

We don’t encourage you to run on a treadmill for hours on end. Not only is it boring, you’ll probably notice that people who do that rarely change their shape.  We use resistance equipment and will train the way that athletes train – maximising your time in the gym, cutting down your training time and ensuring you get the best results, always.

Unique classes

Come to us and you can learn Freestyle Wrestling, Pole Sport and MMA all under one roof. You can practise strength and conditioning with our copious amounts of weights and equipment, and Yoga with a massive, double matted space to stretch on. No need to bring your own equipment either, we have it all.

Meet a friend for coffee in the cafe

Healthy drinks and snacks, coffee and tea at club prices, and protein snacks all available from the bar all day. Get a pot of fresh coffee for £1 or a cup of tea for 50p. We’ve got a spacious seating area and lounge space.

Manage your membership with our app

You can download it for Apple or Andriod – just search for Hangar HPC and look for the orange icon.  Our app enables you to buy membership, book onto classes and courses and even book out rooms at the gym. You can also purchase items on your card from our shop and pick them up at the gym.

Join our gym family

We’ve got a warm and welcoming gym family and you’ll feel at home while you train.

Come in and try us out!