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Hangar Membership now includes Kickboxing

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Hangar membership now includes kickboxing

As if your Hangar membership wasn’t already great value, you now have Kickboxing included in the price!

Kickboxing is now included in your membership

That’s right!  Shaun Forde of Shamrock Combat Club is looking for new fighters to join his team, and is keen to get more of you trying Boxing and Kickboxing.  The club competes regularly and has 3 Champs amongst them: 2 Welsh and 1 European.

Shaun has been Competing-in and Coaching Boxing and Kickboxing for many years, and joined us shortly after we opened.  His club, Shamrock is co-coached by Declan O Callaghan.  Both coaches are current title-holders in boxing and kickboxing.

Looking for men and women

Both girls and guys are welcome at this class.  Kickboxing is open to all. You don’t need to wait until you’re fit enough, just come along to the class and learn it as you go.  Classes are open to ages 14+  Girls already regular attend this class.

What to expect at the class?

You’ll meet in reception at The Hangar and get your hands wrapped ready for the class.  So if you have already bought gloves and wraps, come prepared.  If you haven’t the gym has gloves that you can use. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a water bottle.

Your coach will take you to the Martial Arts area of the gym when the class is about to start, and you will participate in a warm-up, stretches and get you prepared for the class.  You will be coached through the essential punches and maybe some kicks, and you will be hitting pads, not people. Or the heavy bag.  You will begin to learn boxing combinations too, which you can practise any time you come to the gym.  The class often has some circuit training and fun games too.

Expect to burn lots of calories, and leave feeling stress-free, energised and great!

Over time, with regular training you will have better confidence and improved co-ordination.  Expect to feel more energised and to look forward to training!  If you’re carrying extra fat, with regular training you will see that drop as Kickboxing burns loads of calories and you’ll want to eat better because you are training.  Kickboxing is a great way to tone-up.

Class takes place at 7.30pm every Friday with the option to take an extra class on a Tuesday, same time for £5.

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