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Meet the Member Ruth Potts

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Ruth Potts, Violinist

Meet the Member: Ruth Potts

Maybe a Violinist isn’t the first career to pop into your head when you think of someone who is also an MMA student. But we’d like to introduce you to an ass-kicking girl, Ruth who has been training at the Hangar for the past few years.

Ruth runs her own business as a musician for weddings, events, gigs, and shows.  She does gigs playing her electric violin solo and with bands to audiences of weddings, parties, and events, providing a magical kind of entertainment to important occasions!

See Ruth’s website, Ruth Potts for further examples of her work and find out a bit more about her.


Design competition The winner!
Also, being the creative type, Ruth won a competition to design a special Limited Edition gin bottle earlier this year.  The competition was run by Dunnet Bay Distillers – and when it went on sale, the collectible bottle sold out in hours. Rock Rose Gin

We asked Ruth a few questions about why she likes to train at Hangar HPC

Q. What made you try out Combat Sports?

Primarily self defence. But its turned out to be a sport I genuinely enjoy and the weight loss has been a bonus!

Q. What made you choose Hangar?

I’m very shy and was really nervous of training. I decided on the hangar because the name of the mma club ‘Dogs of War’ is one of my favourite Shakespeare quotes.

Q. How do you feel after a training session?

Stronger and more confident!

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