Welcome to our temporary timetable. It is the interim outdoor-gym class timetable as we’re coming out of lockdown.

There are some restrictions on what we can do due to Social Distancing Laws.Apologies for the disruption to your normal training schedule, however it is important that we comply to help in reducing the virus and getting back to normality as soon as possible.
On 10th August indoor training can also resume, but needs to be with social distancing. So Combat Sports will be bagwork and conditioning.  At this time, the Coaches want to keep these classes outside, and also S&C.  However you are welcome to go indoors to use equipment that cannot be taken outdoors, after this date.

We’re currently open 8am-12pm then 4pm to 9pm.

Current price is £35/month

Once lockdown is over and we can open normally, it will resume to £45/month with 6am opening all-day, weekdays.
Membership also allows you access to the gym, so you can come in and train yourself. Take your equipment, give it a spray, use a mat and put it away. Another quick spray and – Easy!


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