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New Battle Oats Bars Flavour Launched

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Battle Oats Bars

Battle Oats protein bars are readily available from reception £2.00 each, perfect to have with a cuppa after training.  Or to grab-and-go with one of our £1.00 freshly-brewed coffees.

Battle Oats are gluten free protein flapjacks made using fine English oats, butter, coconut oil (no palm oil), protein isolate and other 100% natural ingredients. The bars are hand made and oven baked in the UK in small batches ensuring freshness and quality.

Battle Oats fit within the three stages of nutrition: Priming; Fuelling and Recovery.

The high oat content in Battle Oats help prime the body with a reserve of the energy required to sustain rigorous activity for a longer period; they can keep you fuelled further when the priming nutrition becomes exhausted, and the high protein allows you to recover efficiently after strenuous exercise.

There’s a new Battle Oats Flavour : Cookies and Cream! We think it will be very popular, its already selling fast.

Post a picture on Instagram as Battle Oats are running a contest #barinhand so get involved!  Don’t forget to add your location @hangarhpc

We now have all these great Battle Oats Bars flavours in stock:

  • Cookies and Cream
    Cookies & Cream flavour, need we say anymore?
  • White Choc Coconut
    Contains real white chocolate pieces and coconut!
  • Dark Choc Chip
    With every bite you’re getting a mouthful of chunky dark choc chip heaven.
  • Cherry Bakewell
    Cherry Bakewell is a timeless classic English recipe that tastes delicious.
  • Berry Fusion
    Cranberries, blueberries or goji berries… we just couldn’t decide!
  • Double Choc Brownie
    Chocolate brownie is nice but double chocolate is better!