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PFL Visit with MMA Legends Randy Couture and Kenny Florian

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Randy Couture Visits Hangar HPC in Cardiff

When PFL Came to Visit and Brought UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture and Elite MMA Competitor and Legend Kenny Florian with them.  A very memorable day for the Hangar HPC Team.  We met and chatted with Pete Murry, Chief Executive of PFL Professional Fighters League which is now the second largest MMA promotion in the world.

Due to the work we do with the Community, PFL – Professional Fighters League – wanted to support our project so they came to visit us in our gym in Cardiff.

Our Young People we work with were treated to some training sessions from these legendary fighters, and some life lessons.

As an organisation, PFL ask What Do You Fight For and the answer for a lot of athletes is that their fight is about honour, respect and family.

For all of us, the fight is also about community.

As one member recently said, the Hangar HPC is the Definition of Community and we are honoured that PFL chose us to work with us and visit the Step Into Sport program to see what its all about.

The PFL is committed to making a positive impact on the sport of MMA, our partners and our fighters—as well as in the lives and communities of the fans that support us.

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