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With 6 years’ experience in the industry, I’ve coached men and women from all walks of life, managed multiple gyms, and had the incredible opportunity to launch a new gym chain in Shanghai! My focuses as a coach have changed and adapted over the years as I’ve grown to learn the fundamentals of living a healthy and happy life, and now helping active females find autonomy over their bodies in order to regulate training, nutrition, recovery and lifestyle is where my passion lies.

I specialise in helping females find autonomy over their bodies to regulate training, nutrition, recovery and lifestyle. That’s my passion.

I spent too many years not understanding myself; my headspace, my body, my values, and too long trying to change the way I look to fit in to the societal norms of not only the fitness industry but modern society, thus compromising my health.

It doesn’t need to take us reaching burn-out to realise there’s a problem. It shouldn’t take fatigue, cognitive decline, menstrual amenorrhea, or stinted progress to realise there’s a problem.

I can help you find that balance in life, that lets you understand your body on a deeper level to really yield the results you’ve been held back from getting for so long. Give yourself the chance to reclaim your body; your nutrition, your mindset, your training and your recovery, so that you can feel and perform the best you ever have.

My Qualifications

Lorna Hopgood
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Underground Strength & Conditioning Fundamentals
  • In education with Flow Females Complete Performance
It doesn’t need to take us reaching burn-out to train smarter.

Contact me today

Lorna Hopgood Personal Trainer

Don’t hesitate to get in touch.  You can contact me via the gym for a consultation, or give me a call or message on 07834 702499.

Lorna Hopgood
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