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We got the win! CrossBreed Team Event Mens Team

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CrossBreed Mens Team Winners Hangar HPC

This weekend on 10th October, James Miller led a team to victory in the Green Mile Race, a gruelling strength event with multiple stations and a rugged track run.  The winning team consisted of James, Vance, Hendrick and Henry – all of whom are regulars at the gym.  A second team from Hangar also entered, with Cole, John, Alex and Ben taking part at 4pm.  With just over a week of training due to the late entry, these guys smashed it!  Training regularly at the variety we train at Hangar, we’re very proud of all entrants.

So what did they have to do?


  • 20 Rope Climbs
  • 600m trail run
  • 150 thrusters 40kg
  • 75 synchronised burpees
  • DB hang snatch with pullups
  • 40, 30, 20 and then 10 reps
  • 4000m accumulated row
  • Coldwater dip

Bearing in mind they were running – with a 50kg log – in between each station, located around this hilly terrain!

Alex – 40kg Thrusters Column 2 heading
Row 1 col 1 content Row 1 col 2 content


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