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Help keep the gym clean

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Hangar Hygiene Guidelines – Keep yourself & the gym clean

Before training

  • Shower. Wear clean kit. Wash your hands. Remove your shoes before entering mats.

During training

  • If you come off the mats SHOES MUST BE WORN – if you go downstairs for drink/toilet etc. And removed again before re-entering mats.
  • If you get cut, please tell a member of staff so that any blood can be properly cleaned up immediately. Microbial spray is kept in the Dojo but we also want to clean with water to ensure all traces are removed!

After training

  • Clean yourself properly in the shower. Use a good antibacterial soap such as Dettol.
  • Wash your kit – you can use white vinegar or an antibacterial cleanser added if you wish. Spray inside your gloves and don’t forget your kit bag.
  • Allow everything to thoroughly dry out.

Fungal infections thrives in damp areas. If you spot any sign of infection on yourself or others please refer it to your Coach prior to training and treat appropriately.