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Muay Thai with Aurimas

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Muay Thai Aurimas

You can train Muay Thai with Aurimas Kumza here at The Hangar HPC.  Aurimas is Thai-trained and nothing could be more authentic than a competing Muay Thai fighter who has trained, and competed in Thailand.  Aurimas has trained at the Muay Thai Institute in Bangkok and can teach absolute beginners, up to Advanced level athletes preparing for competition.

From Aurimas:

I am an enthusiastic, energetic and confident person with a huge passion for martial arts, specifically Muay Thai boxing and Muay Thai Boran, the national sport of Thailand.

Muay Thai AurimasAfter 13 years of Muay Thai training, and numerous trips to Thailand to train and compete, I turned my attention to teaching and coaching the sport that I love.

I attended the Muay Thai Institute in Bangkok to train to be a professional Muay Thai Instructor and gained Level 1 and Level 2 Muay Thai Instructor qualifications. My BSc in Coaching Science gives me the background knowledge and science to sports coaching which I apply to my personal training when I work with clients on one to one basis or group sessions.

I completed a degree in Applied Sport Psychology which I constantly apply to my work, particularly when developing my client’s full potential in preparation for full contact competitions.

Muay Thai takes place at The Hangar HPC Cardiff at 6pm – 7.30pm on Wednesday evenings.  Suited to all levels, the class encompasses Thai Boxing moves and Clinch work.  Price is £7.00.