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Protective Equipment Hangar

Step into the ring with confidence, knowing you’re fully equipped to handle every jab, cross, and kick. Hangar’s own brand of protective gear is designed specifically with you—the combat sport enthusiast and dedicated gym member—in mind. When you choose our range, you’re not just gearing up with quality protective equipment; you’re also showing your support for the Hangar community.

Our selection covers all the essentials:

Boxing Gloves: Crafted for comfort, durability, and the perfect fit, Hangar boxing gloves provide the protection your hands need round after round.
Mouthguards: Essential for safeguarding your smile, our mouthguards offer custom-like fit and superior shock absorption.
Shin Guards: Step up your leg defence with shin guards that combine maximum protection with lightweight agility.
By choosing Hangar, you’re not just preparing for victory in the gym; you’re also becoming part of a bigger picture. A portion of every purchase goes right back into supporting Hangar facilities, ensuring that our community and its members thrive together.

Browse our range today and feel the difference that quality protective gear can make. Stay safe, train hard, and support your gym with Hangar.

Suit up, show your loyalty, and step into the fight with Hangar Protective Equipment.