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Training Logs

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Training Logs

Keep Training Logs

There are a fair few great apps for phones these days, that allows you to keep a training log and most of them are totally free.  MyFitnessPal, Final Surge and Strava are all free to use and download and will help you remember your progress from week to week.

Sometimes you may just want a simple solution, like (shock-horror!…) Paper.  Well, you could use a notebook. It’s a great way to keep you off your phone whilst in the gym and focus on your workout, and you can always update your online or phone app training log a bit later when you’re resting.  Or just use a template training log such as the one we have for you.

You can download a training log here which is great for keeping track of your progress:

Printable Logs
Training Log Performance
Printable Training Log Strength

Online Spreadsheet
Make a copy of this cloud-based spreadsheet or download it

We’ve a stack of these ready printed for you at The Hangar, so just ask at reception if you need a copy, or if you need pens to fill them in.

Why an online log is brilliant:

  • Searchable
  • Always available (on Desktop, on your phone)
  • Incentive to plan ahead
  • Compare past workouts
  • See progress – sometimes it is easy to forget what improvements you made
  • Extendable – go fancy, track other stats like weight or sleep duration
  • Export your data in various formats
  • Free

The cloud-based option is great, as unlike an app, it only has the columns you absolutely need which helps save you time and waffle on filling in unnecessary information.  And of course, no adverts.

Happy training!

Further reading – Goal Achieving Strategies, Tom Venuto