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Watson Animal Leg Press

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Watson Animal Leg Press

Watson Animal Leg Press now at The Hangar

For the gym’s First Birthday gift, we have a new Watson Animal Leg Press – because only the best will do for our members.

The best way we can justify this statement is the fact that so many of the top gyms, trainers and bodybuilders around the world choose the Watson Animal Leg Press for their own gyms.

From Watson Gym:

Two completely independent carriages, both running on four Thomson 40 mm linear bearings give this leg press the smoothest and most natural feel ever.

The Animal Leg Press can be used with the carriages moving independently or the Locking Bolt can be used to join the carriages for traditional use.

While most leg presses have small single foot plates usually about 700 mm wide, ours boasts an amazing dual footplate 1400 mm wide allowing you to leg press using the same stance you use when squatting. (Each foot plate is 700 mm x 500 mm!). The oversize foot plates also allow you to greatly vary your foot placement to load different parts of your quads / hamstrings etc.

The Animal Plate Load Leg Press has a large, fully adjustable back rest.

Top and bottom band pegs allow you to add resistance / assistance to the carriages via bands.

Each carriage can be loaded with up to 600 kg. Six weight storage pins allow for fast weight changes.

The Watson Animal Plate Load Leg Press will give you some serious results.

So come in and check it out next time you’re training at The Hangar.