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Classes at Hangar Human Performance Centre Cardiff

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We currently have to operate under Covid-19 Laws and Regulations, so some of our Combat Sport classes cannot run.

However, no need to be a couch potato – you can still train.  Our expert coaches have devised a series of weekly classes to ensure you stay fighting fit throughout the restrictions.  So get in, get involved.

Come to class and be badass



Who’s it for?


Famous for their use by the Russian Military, Kettlebells are a great all-round tool often used for ballistic exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.

This class will build a great overall strength and mobility.

All Levels

Striking Skills

All aspects of striking in this class, firstly going back to basics.

Coach has a background in Professional MMA and Muay Thai.

All Levels

Wrestling Conditioning

Drills. Acrobatics. Proprioception. Skills that will make the return to the mats a lot smoother and easier. All Levels

Strength & Conditioning

Planned and programmed throughout the week, S&C classes take place at the Hangar in our friendly group setting. Our plan is to offer these classes daily as we begin to recover from the lockdown.

Get used to a lot of different equipment such as barbells, kettlebells, dumbells and lifting techniques as we work through these classes.

All Levels


Classic interval training, everyone’s favourite.

Brilliant for overall fitness and if you fancy getting a good sweat on.

All Levels

 Olympic Weightlifting

Learn the Clean & Jerk and the Snatch in this Olympic Weightlifting Class.

Please take our Weightlifting Fundamentals Course prior to the classes if possible.



Kickboxing for skills, self defence, confidence and fitness.

Taught by European Kickboxing champion with focus on setting up strikes, combinations and footwork, movement and defence.

All Levels

 Bag Blast

A high-energy class focussing on building muscle memory and perfecting many classic combinations used in striking.

Coached by an ex Pro-Fighter in many disciplines but concentrated on MMA.

A great fat-burner.

All Levels

 Compound Club

Small group training sessions focus on compound lifts on the gym floor.  Sessions run 3x per week with Push, Pull and Leg segments.

Suitable for beginners and advanced lifters.

All Levels

Badass Bootcamp


A fun and engaging Bootcamp style circuits class, outdoors or indoors depending on a lot of things!  The Coach is a former Royal Marines PTI and will help you achieve your potential and more. All Levels

 Weightlifting Fundamentals

For anyone who wants to know more about the sport of Weightlifting.  You will learn the basics before going into the actual Weightlifting Class. Beginners


This class focuses on power movements and is based around the rig and all it offers.

A great all-around fitness and strength class, but is also suited to all levels.

All Levels

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