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Hangar HPC Membership

What does your gym offer?

Membership of Hangar Human Performance Centre not only includes our charming staff, coaches and trainers… but it also includes unlimited attendance to all of these specialist classes too! What are you waiting for? Sign up today at or download our app Glofox and get training!

Unlike other gyms, we want to see you in the gym.  We do not pile it high and sell it cheap. We are eager for you to learn something every time you step into our facility, and leave feeling re-energised and looking forward to your next session.

We have a staff of excellent Coaches and Personal Trainers to assist you. Each holds a wealth of experience in their field and many are retired professional athletes.  You will find your friends at the gym are helpful and supportive too and you’re sure to enlarge your circle of friends.

Be sure to contact us if you want a trial session and we can book you in.


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