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MMA For Beginners

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MMA in Cardiff

MMA in Cardiff has been around for about 18 years now and the true pioneer of MMA in Cardiff is Paul Jenkins.  He founded the original MMA club, Dogs of War and still holds the title of the busiest fighter in Britain, as he was competing so often.

So how exciting would it be, if you could train with Paul?  Now you can!

Our Head MMA Coach Paul Jenkins would like to welcome you to Beginners MMA Classes right here in Penarth Road, Cardiff.  Over the 8-week beginner’s course, you will learn the fundamentals of Mixed Martial Arts primarily using stand-up, submission wrestling and traditional wrestling methods.  This is a great introduction to a difficult sport, with plenty of action in a safe and friendly environment.

Beginners MMA is on every Tuesday and Thursday evening.  Free to members or pay £5 per class, bookings via the For You page.