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Personal Trainer Opportunities in Cardiff

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Personal Training Opportunities Cardiff

We have got a few Personal Trainer Opportunities in Cardiff here at the Hangar Human Performance Centre.

Our gym is equipped with tons (and tonnes) of Free Weights, Competition Kettlebells, Spinlock Bars and Benches.  We have Concept 2 Erg machines and Spin Bikes. Plenty to strengthen and rehab your clients, plus an 8 station cable machine.  We’re not a gym full of isolation machines, we don’t believe they give the best bang for you buck.

We don’t use machines, we build them.

You will be a minimum Level 3 self-employed Personal Trainer, with a great rapport for people and fellow coaches and trainers.

We have a few options for our trainers:

  • Pay as you go PT
  • Monthly set rent and unlimited clients

Your clients will benefit from an easy to reach location, lots of parking, a friendly community and cheap snacks and coffee etc in reception.

We also have a Treatment Room to hire by the hour, if you’re qualified in massage therapy.  We have an easy-to-use rental method and you may also be able to run classes or small groups here.

We invoice you monthly and you pay by bank transfer.

Gym is open 15 hours a day weekdays and as it isn’t a commercial gym, you won’t be waiting for equipment or pushing for space.

As a small business, you deal with the owner directly and we’re easy going and friendly, but also professional. Please get in touch if you’re interested.


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