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Personal Trainer Vacancies

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Personal Trainer Vacancies

If you’re an established Personal Trainer struggling to work in a corporate gym because of space restrictions, or just don’t like the Corporate Conglomerates telling you what to do (you’re self-employed after all, aren’t you?) then take a look at The Hangar Human Performance Centre.

  • Low monthly rent for full-time, or pay-as-you-go for part-time
  • Help and support for growing your business
  • Training and CPD available in-house for our full-time coaching and training staff
  • Easy-in easy-out contract
  • Low-cost Treatment Room to rent by the hour for therapy, sports massage and consultation
  • Work as part of a small team of specialist trainers and coaches
  • Family environment
  • Plenty of Bars, Plates, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Ergs and other equipment, everything you would need
  • No need to wear corporate clothing, although we have Coaching tops if desired
  • Free promotion on our website, social media and our gym-floor walls
  • Support and banter of a small team of established and professional trainers

Our gym is a mid-priced membership and a lot of our members are open to using a PT.  Whilst we are a Strength and Combat Sport gym, we have a high-proportion of members who are higher management or company owners, of all ages.

We recommend Protectivity for your PT insurance. They can cover massage, PT and gym instructor activities. Click below to find out more and get covered.

Personal Trainer Insurance

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