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Personal Training at Hangar HPC

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Hangar Coaches

Finding the right Personal Trainer for you will be a real winner.  There’s no better way to be accountable and meet your healthy lifestyle targets.

A good PT will assess your requirements and help you find achievable and specific goals.  Once you get going, you can achieve a lot in a short space of time.

A Personal Trainer will make you accountable to someone, ensuring you turn up to your sessions and train.  They will help you stay on track and provide support when you need it.

Expect to pay between £35-40 for a PT session.  Sometimes if you block-book you can get a discount, depending on the trainer’s schedule.

To read more about our full time PT’s just take a look at the Trainers menu. Some of our Coaches are also available for one-to-one training depending on their schedule.

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