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Ukraine Donations Appeal

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Ukraine Donations

So this week we did a collection for the refugees fleeing Ukraine to Poland.  When a local lady in the Polish community was collecting medicine, toiletries and food and put a request on a local forum, we thought we could step in and see if our community at Hangar could also help.

Well, we’ve been overwhelmed with donations from the whole local area, even from people we don’t see very often.  So many of you went shopping and purchased items from the list, we’re just amazed and in awe of you all.

So Wednesday was the cut off date, and with just 2 days from our initial request, the front of the gym was FULL of items from the list.  These were sorted by our lovely volunteers and Hangar staff, and passed on along with any food we had from our own ambient food project.

We hope it goes a small way to help someone in need during these terrible times.

Thank you to everyone who donated.

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