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We’re Open For Outdoor Training

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We're open for outdoor training

Good news, We’re Open For Outdoor Training

We’re Open For Outdoor Training on Monday 26th April, when Welsh Government are allowing organised activity for groups of up to 30 people.

At the moment booking in via our app is essential, because we need to ensure we don’t get too many people at one time.

As such, members are our priority.

The first week back – 26 April – 3 May 2021

  • For the first week, changing rooms, showers, and all inside access to the gym will not be possible so please arrive prepared. We’ll be able to get you cold drinks from the fridge inside and bring them out.
  • Also, don’t arrive too early!
  • The gym is not currently open at its usual hours, so we’ll be there around half an hour prior to your class.
  • You’ll find the full list of classes for next week on the app.
  • We are taking on new members, if you want to sign up, please do so here.

3 May we can reopen indoors

At first, on 3rd May it will be solo training indoors only.   There was another Welsh Government announcement today and it’s possible that we may also be allowed to do indoor classes for up to 15 people but this has not yet been confirmed.  We’ll keep you advised on this.

All members who have loaned free training equipment, please return it on Sunday between 9.45 am and 11 am or from 5-7pm.  We need the kit to resume the classes on Monday.

Please clean the kit with a gentle soapy water solution and ensure its not dirty, marked and scuffed, before you return it.

Those of you who took bumper plates, please tighten them prior to returning them.

Existing members – your membership has been frozen throughout the lockdown.  We will resume the membership at the start of May — unless you have told us otherwise.

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